Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So J.J. Abrams (one of the two main people responsible for LOST) is making this new movie called Cloverfield. Watch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvNkGm8mxiM
Then read this comic. ENJOY!

Plot twist! T-Rex really is the monster that everyone is running from but he doesn't know it!

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Self Portrait 1

Yosemite - Tuolumne Meadows - Pothole DomeI believe the rule is, you work on the picture for as long as you can until you get sick of it, and boy am I sick of it.

Picture Taken: June '07
Drawn from Reference: November, 17-27, 2007
No color sampling or tracing was done. 2 layers used: 1 for background, 1 for head. Total hours of work: roughly estimated between 5-8 hours.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

'Cause we... belong! In a world that must be strong!

Oh, that's what dreams... are made of...!The wonders of not eating Chinese food and not watching truck commercials!I hope you guys aren't forgetting the mouse-over thing. Please don't forget that.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beef Broccoli

Here we go, here we go, here we go again. Remember what I said last time.This comic was almost made in real-time, just like 24. See where it says '30 minutes later?' That really was 30 minutes later. And, did you know broccoli is spelled with two 'c's and only one 'l?'


Monday, November 19, 2007

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Today's update will be in the form of a comic. Click on it for full size.Guess who the raptor is!P.S. Hover over with the mouse for a secret message.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Battle of the TV Shows!

I am going to attempt to rate all the television shows I have seen.

Season 1 (9.0/10.0) - 24 is interesting!
Season 2 (9.3/10.0) - 24 gets predictable, but still is good!
Season 3 (6.7/10.0) - 24 is ultra-predictable, has terrible plot twists, and is a terrible show!
Season 4 (7.4/10.0) - 24 starts off good, but ends up in the endless 24 plot cycle!
Season 5 (8.0/10.0) - 24 has some good plot twists, but this show is too predictable!
Season 6 (7.5/10.0) - Probably the best starting of a season, but gets really boring again in the plot cycle!

Season 1 (n/a) - I didn't watch it!
Season 2 (9.4/10.0) - The pinnacle of mystery and suspense, but ruined by constant filler and unnecessary flashbacks!
Season 3 (9.3/10.0) - Perhaps containing the most awesome season finale ever conceived, also ruined by illogical scenarios which are never explained, and unnecessary flashbacks!

Battlestar Galactica
Season 1 (8.6/10.0) - A pretty good show!
Season 2 (9.2/10.0) - An excellent show!

PRISONBREAK (from watching about 1/3 of the episodes)
Season 1 (8.5/10.0) - An interesting premise!
Season 2 (8.0/10.0) - The show keeps going after they escape! What nonsense is this?!
Season 3 (7.5/10.0) - They're back in another prison with the same characters and have to escape again! I'm sure there's a very formidable reason, but I don't watch the show so it seems ridiculous to me!

So, Battlestar Galactica is the best show, but LOST is more enjoyable due to the mystery element; 24 gets really boring after watching 2 seasons and then falling into predictable cycles; Prisonbreak just manages to keep going after the plot expired and its due date tasted nasty.

p.s. Sorry for using so many exclamation marks. I've been reading too many dinosaur comics.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Spiderman 3

Long story short: Spiderman 3 is entertaining, while being a decent movie, yet not as good as the first 2. The plot seemed like they had a to-do-list to achieve, so they packed in a bunch of random elements that connect in the most unlikely manners to get certain scenes and motives done. I didn't really care though, because I didn't take the movie that seriously, and some scenes were just so over-the-top, I took it as a comedy.

Overall, it's not that bad of a movie, but 2, and 1, will always be better.

Spiderman 1: 3/5 stars
Spiderman 2: 4/5 stars
Spiderman 3: 2.5/5 stars


Transformers: The Movie (2007)

This movie was pretty good and interesting during the first hour. Then suddenly, they explained the whole plot of the movie after one hour in one 30 second scene. After that, there were lots of bad jokes between the transformers, endless scene changes going faster than a speeding train, and action scenes where I didn't really care who was winning or losing, partly because I couldn't tell who the good and bad transformers were. And then there were the totally weird plot elements like, "glasses that are imprinted with a map to guide robots to a power cube." ...What...?

And after one hour in, the rest of the movie seemed iffy and predictable. And seriously, why couldn't they just destroy the cube once finding it? Instead they have to go all the way to downtown LA (a 5 hour drive) and then fight, then Optimus Prime begs Even Stevens to kill Optimus by pushing the cube in his chest (they could've done it at Hoover Dam) but then they use it on Megatron and the movie ends. I forgot exactly what that means. It means megatron dies and the transformers can leave. Yay. The end.

3/5 stars. Nice action scenes.


Monday, November 05, 2007

In Other News...

Here is a screenshot of my new game.

As you can see, it incorporates elements of the survival-horror genre, with the adventure genre. Gameplay features include gun management, attacking enemies, switching between characters, and all sorts of classic adventure game action. Or should I say, adventure game adventure?
Expected release date (EARLY ESTIMATE): February 2010 (that is, assuming I have a free musician).

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Battlestar Galactica (SEASON 2)

Battlestar Galactica (Season 2)

Season 2 is definitely an improvement over season 1, taking all that season 1 has established, and pushing each concept to the fullest extent. Every idea that could be milked for potential as 45,000 humans escape from an impending cylon fleet has been exploited to the fullest and best extent. The show continues from the season finale of last year and builds up momentum until the midpoint of the season where a three-episode story arc explodes into some of the best television I have seen in recent memory.

After that the show calms down a little into some episodes that almost seem like filler, but rises up again for the somewhat shocking season finale.

The show also contains tons of commentary, from political, governmental, freedom, military, racism, etc.

After watching 2 seaons of Battlestar Galactica, it seems like LOST has been copying them every step of the way.
- An enemy that can infiltrate your ranks and look exactly like you: the Others, Cylons.
- One of those enemies becomes a friendly and gets persecuted coming back to the good side: that one lady on LOST, and that one cylon on BSG.
- Both shows have used flashbacks.
- For a shocking season finale, the whole show flashforwards. (season 2 BSG, season 3 LOST)
- There are more but I can't remember them.


Battlestar Galactica (Season 2): 9.2/10.0

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