Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Mummy 3

Talking dinosaurs express critical movie opinions much better than any blog post ever could.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Chatroom Feedback

Ten days later, here is some of the positive and negative feedback, taken from the updated version of Chatroom (sorry--old feedback doesn't count! I changed the game!).

Archive Updated: 1-6-09

"15th Best Freeware Adventure Game of 2008" -

"Like La Croix Pan (which was also reviewed here), Chatroom can be seen as “one of those AGS experiments,” except, of course, given its implementation time, La Croix Pan remains to be the author’s better work. All in all, I would still recommend playing Chatroom just for the sheer concept. That 10 minutes one this game will be well-spent." - An Occasional Player's Review

Freeware Game Pick: Chatroom (TheJBurger)
"Chatroom is a short game designed to simulate an IRC chatroom, created by the developer of La Croix Pan for a friendly One Room One Week competition held in the AGS forums..." -

"In what genre would you classify a post-apocalyptic chatroom simulation? I suppose it would be the "post-apocalyptic chatroom simulation" genre, which up until now has had a grand total of 0 games released. That changed a few days ago when an Adventure Game Studio enthusiast decided to push the limits of the program by writing a game that was also a chat-room simulation. The game is called (get ready for a shocker here) "Chatroom"." - StoryGamer

"Without going into much detail, the ending was... really good and ironic on many hilarious levels but I felt that the fact that it ended that way led to a lot of plot holes in the dialogue, the biggest one being... I discovered Luke was actually a bot after he answered with THE SAME RESPONSE THREE TIMES despite whether it related to my questions about food or not." - JojoBoy

"That was really nice. On average, the AI does well, even if the questions you ask can't be too precise, as shown by the "food" example above. I could see the ending coming from miles away but it was still a very entertaining short game. It would be a nice thing to implement in a bigger game." - Lufia

"Once I had that idea of making a game that takes place in a chat room, but that idea was too freak for me. I was unsure if I could do an AI that responds us well. And I didn't tell that idea to anyone.
It seems like TheJBurger made my old idea come true, in a much better way that I could do. An exciting plot does exist in the game and I must say I loved the plot." - Gord10

Ratings:AGS Panel: 3/5 cups3/5 cups3/5 cups3/5 cups3/5 cups (what is this?)
The AGS Review Panel has left a comment about this game:
An unusual, and well written, attempt at an IRC simulator. Some slight inherent parser quirks don't detract from an otherwise enjoyable game. Recommended.


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