Friday, June 23, 2006

Prey: The Demo

Things I like about Prey:
1) Seeing what I could interact with in the bar was probably the most fun I had in the game. Then it was just shooting bad guys, which was slightly boring.
2) Watching your friends getting sucked up by aliens was interesting. Then you get sucked up and then I'm like "woah, that's neato."
3) Those dimension space portals. They're neat to look at.
4) Spirit mode was a little interesting... And I like walking around in an Indian canyon instead of being inside somebody's stomach with aliens and monsters shooting at me.

Things that were copied from Half-Life:
1) The wrench. It's basically the crowbar from half-life. ...And the crowbar was copied from the fist in some ancient First Person Shooter. And the fist was copied from the kick in Duke Nukem. (and I am aware the crowbar is not exclusive to Half-Life, it is a valid object to use in any game.)
2) The Pods; those things that carry you around the alien space ship when you're captured, yeah, those things were from the citadel in HL2.
3) The fact that you can pick up little alien bugs and use them as grenades? They did that in Half-Life 1.
4) Those aliens that materialize out of nowhere through portals? Those are like the vortigaunts in half-life 1.
5) The little dog things that wanna eat your brains? Those are like the sonic wave puppies in half-life 1.
6) ...There are aliens.

Things I don't like about Prey:
1) The characters look like they're plastic shiny models with food wrap all over their skin. And they're not modeled THAT GREAT anyway.
2) Did they have to make it so that the aliens heads can fly off when you shoot them? I don't see how the game is better this way.
3) Everything looks like the intestines of somebody's stomach (while also being unbelievably shiny). It's an unsettling feeling. (But that's probably what they were going for).

...I...didn't really like it.

The Prey Demo: 7.0/10.00


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Episodic vs. Long arch story line

I was watching Star Trek (the 60s one) and I remembered how much I loved episodic shows. Episodes start out with the same characters, they solve some problem, and then it ends, and virtually nothing changes.

I like Star Trek. It's cool, it's interesting, and the cheesy special effects and plain set design just make me like it even more.
The story ideas are interesting to me. I like the twists and concepts in each episode. Each episode has it's own story, twists, turns, characters, action scenes, and it's own little "idea" they study upon.

The bulk of TV shows I watch nowadays are LOST, 24, Prisonbreak, and/or House. Every one of these (excluding HOUSE) runs on a LONG ARCH STORY LINE. This means that there's one basic story all the episodes follow, and they slowly progress further through it each episode.

...After watching those shows, man. I miss episodic shows. In one episode of LOST, they talk a little, they say we're gonna go walk through the jungle to a place, then they do that. And once they're there, they say what they're gonna do next. Then the episode ends, but then they do what they say they're gonna do next in the next episode.

Each episode passes and they talk a little more, have some backstories, talk a little more, tensions rises, it falls, and then you're left with a feeling of being cheated after THEY DID PRESS THE BUTTON, and they RAN AWAY FROM THE OTHERS, when they easily could've got in a fight and shot one or two of them. (Note: The only time they DO NOT PUSH THE BUTTON, or they DO CHASE THE OTHERS, is in times like the Season Finales, which sucks cuz there's only 1 per year.)

But in Star Trek, they do tons of stuff in one episode. They beam down, they fight, they talk, they run, they analyze strange viruses, they solve mysteries, they interrogate prisoners and all sortsa crazy stuff. And there's tons of twists and turns in the story and interesting stuffs.
And then it ENDs with a feeling of satisfaction... right...

All in all, um... ...

Star Trek is cool.

Lost is cool but slow and kind of slow.

24 is really boring.

...And one more thing.