Monday, November 12, 2007

Transformers: The Movie (2007)

This movie was pretty good and interesting during the first hour. Then suddenly, they explained the whole plot of the movie after one hour in one 30 second scene. After that, there were lots of bad jokes between the transformers, endless scene changes going faster than a speeding train, and action scenes where I didn't really care who was winning or losing, partly because I couldn't tell who the good and bad transformers were. And then there were the totally weird plot elements like, "glasses that are imprinted with a map to guide robots to a power cube." ...What...?

And after one hour in, the rest of the movie seemed iffy and predictable. And seriously, why couldn't they just destroy the cube once finding it? Instead they have to go all the way to downtown LA (a 5 hour drive) and then fight, then Optimus Prime begs Even Stevens to kill Optimus by pushing the cube in his chest (they could've done it at Hoover Dam) but then they use it on Megatron and the movie ends. I forgot exactly what that means. It means megatron dies and the transformers can leave. Yay. The end.

3/5 stars. Nice action scenes.



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