Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Ship

After 1 Awesome weekend of 1 Awesome game, I wanted to write this.

Brief Explanation of the ship:
The ship is basically hitman, multiplayer, with graphics that reminds you of the incredibles. A FPS game, with life-sim style needs, pitting you against up to 30 other players who must assassinate each other with any weapon they can find. Also you must not be caught by NPCs or other characters.

The Good:
Awesome breath of fresh-air from FPS's like counter-strike. +1
Tons of weapons to kill your enemy with. +2
Interesting features like needs. +2
Solid gameplay composed of stealth, action, scavenger hunting, and killing. +3
Customizable character outfits. +1
Good level design. +2

Needs can get a little too frustrating and in the way. It's like, your hungry bar is off the charts, so you sit down to eat. Then because you ate, you need to go to the bathroom. And because of the bathroom, you need to shower, and after that you're probably tired or you need entertainment by this time. And you still haven't searched for that awesome weapon or looked for your target yet...
The key to winning (HUNT mode) lies in finding the one good weapon and getting 2 murders. It's so dumb to get the axe and have to get literally over 100 kills to win, when you should just get the scalpel and get 4 kills to win.
Running around the ship can be exhausting, especially when chasing your killer or trying to find a bathroom. Some of them are just so big, and your "run" meter runs out too fast.
Annoying people can really get in the way. Like, some random dudes just kill everyone but their target, but it's rarely happened to me, yet it is very annoying. Other things like blocking doors and stuff are problems, but that's also in every other FPS game, so that doesn't count.

So you got a game starting with the average score of 5.
Then 5+11 = 16. 16-7 = 9.

The pros outweigh the cons, and this is a good game.
SCORE: 8.5/10.00
"Fun and different, yet a little frustrating at times."



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