Sunday, October 15, 2006


Why I like the Demo of No One Lives Forever 2:

First let's compare this game with other games, such as: Half-Life 2, or the demo of Prey.
The first level in NOLF2 starts off with a kind of tutorial while you're entering the japanese village. You have to sneak around, search bodies, kill people, hide, do lots of junk, and solve puzzles. IN ESSENCE, IT'S AWESOME.
Now compare it to the demo of Prey. In prey, you walk around and shoot random guys with any random gun you have in your arsenal. It doesn't make a difference. You just keep running through the level, trying not to get your head shot off, and then you're like, Oh, I'm done.

On the other hand, there are many, varied gameplay styles in NOLF 2. Instead of picking up guns from the bodies, you have to SEARCH the bodies. Instead of random charges of enemies coming at you, and you spraying your gun for hours, you have to hide, remove bodies, and take enemies out 1 by 1. I know people might say that's just a choice of preference, spy games vs. action games, but in my opinion, this is an action spy game, and it's much funner than any spy or action game.
And all the guns are varied. One gun doesn't do the whole job. You have to switch between every weapon in every different kind of situation, exactly what gun design should be. That's one problem with HL-2 (kinda), one gun might just get you through the whole game ( an exageration, yes, but it can be true).

That being said, NOLF 2 has very different, diverse, and excellent gameplay compared to some other shooters out there. The gameplay is a mix between 1st person splinter cell, golden-eye 64, and some other stuff. So, it's pretty awesome.

And to top that, they totally got the atmosphere right. The dialogue and everything is excellent.

No One Lives Forever 2 (demo) : 9.2/10



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