Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

The Good:
Customization: Customizing your character is fun (Faces, clothes, lightsabers). It's a shame there wasn't as many faces as KoToR though.
Moves: Running around and jumping on the walls, doing summersaults, backflips, siderolls, crazy acrobatic moves--Yeah, it's pretty fun. Fun as in cool to look at and not helping you kill the Bad guy. Except that one move where you roll and stab the guy, man that saved me from certain death many times.
Missions: At the beginning of the game you could choose from missions! It was fun. The missions themselves as stand-alone are good. But I wish they would've tied into the main storyline better. It was just basically, Part 1: Bad Guy does something. Do some missions until we find out where Bad Guy is. Part 2! We found Bad Guy! Fight him and then he escapes. Do some more missions until we find out the next part of his plan!
So yeah, the missions were pretty much unrelated to the main story, except for the fact that sometimes you fight the "cult" in some of the missions and the main story.

The Bad:
Voice Acting is awfulish. They should've got the guy who did Luke's voice in Rogue Squadron, or Mark Hamill. Dialogue is terrible. And Kyle making fun of Luke Skywalker? Run away!
Not Polished: This means that. Uh. I could walk over the edge of stuff and I'm standing on the air and I don't fall.

The Ugly:
The Story was okay, but it was kind of shallow. Compare it to KoToR, or KOTOR 2, and you'll see what I mean. I think. It's not very deep, and everything is just shallow, like there's nothing more to it. I just wasn't too impressed by it...
Graphics were pretty good. They were all taken from JK:II? Anyway, Rosh Penin's face was ugly to look at in the intro.
The animations are pretty good, (the fighting animations when you see your character from 3rd Person) but I hate it when they walk around like action figures (stiff-limbed, disjointed, kind of floating-like). That was mainly in those awkward cut-scenes.

I wasn't too impressed by the game. Graphics were yesteryear, but still good. Gameplay was same as JK:II and such, so it was okay.
It wasn't REALLY bad, and it wasn't REALLY good. Kind of like an average game.??????
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
SCORE: 8.00/10.00



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