Monday, November 06, 2006

Those Old Adventure Games (Sierra styles)

I never understood why King's Quest 1 is always in the top 10 on Adventure Game lists. Yes, it is innovative, yes, it is probably the first graphic adventure game, yes it is a landmark in the adventure industry, but no, it is not better than the 9 other games on that top 10 game lists. It has terrible random deaths, awkard puzzles, and some other stuff.

The Rating System -
0.00-3.00 -
Terrible, absymal, awful.
3.00-5.00 - Pretty bad, but not the worst.
5.00-7.00 - Mediocre. Not REALLY BAD, but bad.
7.00 - AVERAGE
7.00-8.00 -
Fairly good and fun.
8.00-9.00 - Pretty good and pretty fun.
9-00.9.99 - Pretty amazingly awesome.

King's Quest Series:
ing's Quest 1 - 4.3 Yes I would say it's fun, but it's kind of... random... and meh. The puzzles are okay but it doesn't all tie together the best.
King's Quest 2 - 5.2 It was different, and made a little more sense and had a plot.
King's Quest 3 - 6.0 I played this game and needed a walkthrough on everything. It was really weird and it seemed like I just kept doing random stuff until I got to the end of the game. First it was like "Escape from wizard!" then, uh... I forgot. You go on some pirate ship but I forgot why.
King's Quest 4 - 7.9 I liked this game actually. It had some pretty fun puzzles and stuff, and wasn't as bad as the others.
King's Quest 5 - 7.2 What is the point of having 5 bad things you can do with each object, that potentially get you stuck in the game, as opposed to only 1 right thing to do with it? I could never beat it because it crashed or something.

Space Quest!:
pace Quest 1 (VGA) - 7.0 It was pretty fun, but it was kind of weird as in you kept wandering around and randomly stumbled into the right place and then randomly got onto the bad guy ship and killed them, yet it was fun.
Space Quest 2 - 5.8 This game was one of those ones where I just kept wandering around trying to do everything with nothing and eventually I got to the end and I was like... ok... that was interesting.
Space Quest 3 - 8.1 Man this game was soo funny. Yes so were the other ones, but whatever. This game was pretty fun all around, but the one bad thing about it was the plot. You escape from this junkyard freighter then decide to save these 2 dudes whom you know nothing about. Weirdd. But the awesomeness of the funniness makes up for it, especially the ending.
Space Quest 4 - 7.2 I don't know why so many people love this game the most out of the series. I thought it had a bunch of randomly convoluted puzzles (the beginning mainly) and then you had to run around and escape bad guys. I admit, I hate this game mainly because the chase sequences were ruined because Intel Pentium processors could not match up with the technology of 1994.
Space Quest 5 - 8.7 I really loved this game. I thought it was super awesome and fun. It was the first space quest game I played and I pretty much loved it. Really funny and awesome stuff.

QFG 1 VGA - 9.0 A very fun free-roaming game way ahead of its time.
QFG 2 - 9.1 This game had a super awesome atmosphere and everything was very awesome in it. But it was a little too hard for me or something. And it was so funny that I had over 500 gold coins imported from my previous game... But the combat/gameplay/story/puzzles, were all amazing. The ending was very awesome, especially since you could do it a different way depending on your class.

PoliceQuest attacks:
Police Quest 1 VGA - 7.6 It was ok, but not super amazing. Not bad at all, either.
Police Quest 2 - 7.7 This game has some pretty nifty sequences and puzzles, but it was too hard or something.

Yes, I would say Space Quest and Quest-For-Glory were the best series. Yes...

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