Monday, October 16, 2006

CS: Source - Weapon Pricing

The beta for weapon prices is out, and after trying it for a long 10 minutes, here are my impressions:

The BAD:
First of all, they got rid of "Buy Primary" and "Buy Secondary" (ammo) in the buy menu. Now, ammo is automatically bought with the gun (for free I believe) so there is no reason to have "Buy ammo" anymore... right? Nope. It totally undermines those countless hours of memorizing how to buy a Kevlar+Helmet with two fingers and one second at my disposal. I remembered the old combo was always B-8-2. Now the equipment section is under "6" instead of "8" thanks to the new menu. That means I have to always push B-6-2! And then I'm not even sure I can afford a Kevlar+Helmet because the price changed.
Old habits die hard and everyone will complain about this. But then again, you can always learn to press 6 instead of 8 in like... 2 days.

Slower buying times - Now I have to check every price of every gun to make sure I'm getting the best deal. (Yes, I can just buy an AK regardless of the price, but who knows? I might be wasting an extra 500$) So that means I'm sitting in spawn for 30 extra seconds and an enemy kills me while I'm trying to determine if it's more profitable to buy the shotgun and the deagle than just the AK.

What happened to the INVENTORY SCREEN? In the buy menu it used to show what you had at the current time so then you could figure out what you needed. Now it's replaced by a little ad saying "This week the Mac-10 is 10% off! Everyone buy one while it lasts!"
Yes, I can see it now... "Come down to the terrorist gun shop this saturday! All grenades are 50% off and Kevlar is down to $600! Hurry in because this sale won't last!"
Terrorists are better shoppers than you think.

After thoughts:
I thought it was a good idea to change the prices. After all, if the deagle is better than the mac-10, it should cost more, right?
But then they actually changed the menu which could take some getting used to. And I liked that the guns came with no extra ammo (the old way). Then you had to ECONOMIZE by deciding how much ammo you needed for which guns and what kinds of grenades you needed.

My proposal: YES, change the prices. Change the obvious prices. But I don't know if constantly changing the prices every week is a good thing. Then you won't remember if your "Deagle + Nade + 2 Flashbangs + Kevlar" combo will work everytime you have $2,400.
But yes, the prices are flawed, and yet they (Valve? Steam? Who is responsible?) also made some, in my opinion, unnecessary changes to the buy menu.

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