Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Those Old Adventure Games (Lucas Styles)

They were like the "super special awesome" games of awesome back in the day.

The Rating System -
0.00-3.00 - Terrible, absymal, awful.
3.00-5.00 - Pretty bad, but not the worst.
5.00-7.00 - Mediocre. Not REALLY BAD, but bad.
7.00 - AVERAGE (Fair Game)
7.00-8.00 - Fairly good and fun.
8.00-9.00 - Pretty good and pretty fun.
9-00.9.99 - Pretty amazingly awesome.

Monkey Island:
of Monkey Island - 9.3
This game was pretty amazing in every aspect. And super fun too. Also gets the funniest award.
Monkey Island 2: Lechuck's Revenge - 8.6
Back to the Islands of the Carribean, yet for me it didn't have the original charm the first game had. Also, I hated some of the puzzles. Yet it was still fun, funny, and interesting.

Indiana Jones
Last Crusade
- 8.2 I really liked this game, even though it had a lot of deadends. The whole atmosphere and the fighting/adventure gaming/multiple solutions intrigued me. Yeah, I liked it. Fate of Atlantis - 9.2 This was a very awesome game. I probably only liked Monkey Island more because of the Sword Fighting and the funniness. But this game had everything. Multiple paths, multiple endings, fighting, puzzle solving, all that stuff.
Maniac Mansion:
Maniac Mansion 1 - 6.6 It was fun I guess... but the puzzles were too confusing for me and I never really understood everything.
Day of the Tentacle - 8.4 Yes it was funny I guess, yes the puzzles were ingenious, yes it was funny, but it didn't really strike to me as "super special awesome."

Other Specials:
Zak McKracken! and the Alien Mindbenders
- 7.3 This game was pretty good in retrospect, yet there were a gazillion inventory items, endless mazes, and hard puzzles. I had to use a walkthrough for much of it. But it made very interesting uses of inventory items...
Loom - 8.6 This game probably had some of the funnest, most interesting puzzles. The plot is fantasy freaky. Good game.

Yes virtually all their games were good to me except Zak McKracken and Maniac Mansion 1.
Yes, I left out some games. No I didn't want to comment on them.

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