Thursday, January 18, 2007

Halo: Combat Evolved

Since this is an old game, it's not really a good idea to review it today, as standards have changed concerning gameplay, music, sound, but mainly graphics. Anyway, I just wanted to do it.

HALO (2001)

Gameplay (9.4):
The interesting thing about the gameplay is that it's simple, yet addictive, and always challenging. I believe this was one of the first games to have the "only carry 2 weapons" feature, and it works well in the game. The stealth aspect constantly puts you on question, deciding how you want to approach each new battle. And once you think you have the whole technique of killing the covenant figured out, a new enemy is introduced, challenging you once again and causing you to rethink your battle strategy. The two types of grenades are also innovative, each with their own special functions. On top of the great shooter aspect, there's also the vehicles which add another layer of fun.

Music (8.8) - Maybe a little more music would've been nice. Besides the main theme, and a couple of action tunes, I can't remember any other music. But then again, that's normal for FPS games.
Story (8.7) - The story was well told, yet it felt like it could've been more fleshed out in some places.
Sound (8.7) - You can hear aliens.
Graphics (8.8):
For the time... yes they were good. I think.
The game looks good, in its art direction. The architecture looks futuristic, the halo looks incredible when you're on it, and the animations are pretty good.

Levels (8.4):
The level design is pretty good overall, but some levels had me repeating the same 3 sections over, and over, and over, causing me to think that I was getting lost or going in circles, but that was not the case. On the positive side, they are interesting and varied, and they LOOK COOL.
Everything is excellent, except the levels, which can get repetitive.




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