Tuesday, January 16, 2007

24 (Season # 6)

You knew it was coming, but it was too late to stop it:


SUNDAY NIGHT (2 Episodes)
I liked these episodes alot. You had Jack Bauer, who has changed his character, and makes some pretty awesome quotes, and you had 2 twists that made the story interesting. (The first twist is that the terrorist they were hunting was good, the second was that the arabic kid was actually bad). End it with the story going in a cool direction, and an awesome explosion in the subway, with Jack Bauer still being cool. Jack's partner is cool because he's better than jack.

MONDAY NIGHT (2 Episodes)
They really (needlessly) turned up the social commentary about middle-eastern prejudices and racism. The president made some terrible decisions, and some people did some things that I thought were just totally UNPLAUSIBLE. The whole story arc with the family and the terrorist kid... I don't know. How far would 1 father actually go to save his family, when he could've just kicked the kid and stopped him at the beginning. Instead, he goes out, kills a man, and helps the terrorists make a bomb... seriously... who would do all that?

The prison scene with the man who helped the president's sister... why would they really do all that? And then I was watching the UCLA tazer incident all over again, except with a baton. It wasn't nice.

But it had a good ending, as in:
Instead of the previous seasons where they have:
JACK BAUER FINDS THE TERRORISTS... but the bomb barely escapes. He chases the bomb for 3 more episodes only to defuse it, and then he has to chase a poison gas canister.

24 is predictable, and it will always develop, progress, and end the same way.

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