Friday, January 05, 2007

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The following game will be judged in the respective categories:

Gameplay - 8.5/10.00
The Zelda formula: progress through a series of dungeons, solving puzzles, hacking and slashing, and killing bosses. Side-Quests include upgrading your items, getting pieces of heart, (in this game : getting golden bugs, killing poes[ghosts], and trying to get magic armor). The formula is fun, sometimes tedious, and also a bit on the easy side. I guess you could say I'm an "experienced Zelda player," but seriously, I found thousands and thousands of rupees, and I seriously wanted to buy some kind of super sword, armor, or shield to help me out, but all I got was some kind of magic armor that takes away EVEN MORE RUPEES, that I never really use because I value my money... SO that means I wasted all those hours looking for rupees... just to buy an armor that I will never use.
Graphics - 9.5
They may not have a high polygon count, but the graphics are simply amazing. The animation is fluid, life-like and realistic. The lighting, day/night cycle, and the enviroments are just a joy to be in. Excellent work.
Story/Characters - 8.8
I have to say that Midna is one of the more interesting characters in a Zelda game. The story is somewhat interesting, but you know how it's gonna go down, so it's literally boring. (Yes, the story is always Link in the little town goes through dungeons to destroy evil, then fights Ganon and saves Zelda). I've played this story before, but it's switched up a little bit, and there were some interesting parts. The characters are pretty good too.
Sound/Music - 8.9
Nothing TOO spectacular, but it was a good listen all around. The sound did it's job, as did the music, but it wasn't ... too awe-inspiring... compared to games such as Final Fantasy.
Atmosphere - 9.8
The sheer size, scope, music, and graphics come together to create an amazing experience of Hyrule. The boss fights are some of the most epic sequences in a game, and riding around the kingdom at night, or during a thunderstorm is just amazing.
Originality - 3.8/10.00
This is the one thing that probably hurt this game for me. The gameplay/screenplay did not change at all in the last several Zelda games. You know what's going to happen, you know what items you're going to get, you know how the boss fights are going down, you know that the only gameplay will be Slash/Shoot arrow/Bomb/Puzzle.
This makes me think about a game called Zelda: Majora's Mask. That game had one of the most unique, amazing concepts, for any game that I had ever played, and it executed it brilliantly (The whole game takes place over 3 days, and you must go back in time over and over to save the world). But I heard somewhere that Zelda fans hated its "deviation from the Zelda formula." :

Excellent Graphics, design, but if you've already played Zelda, it might be a little too familiar...

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