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Mountain Pass SE

JoshTheGeneral's America's Army Guide to Mountain Pass SE (MPSE):
Note: This would probably be a more effective and more useful guide if I wrote it over two years ago.

100% = Excellent Strategy. Minimal Chance of dying and Excellent chance of winning.
50% = Works half the time. Die sometimes, works sometimes. 50/50.
0% = Never do this strategy.

General Strategies for MPSE:
1. GENERAL DEFENSE 95% Go to Defense Peak and shoot at the road for awhile, or until it's clear. After that, watch South-East hill for awhile from a safe distance shooting enemies, or helping your teammates in trouble. Afterwards, have your teammates report enemy positions and act accordingly to central peak, south-east hill, or the defense fork ridge, all while staying a safe distance from 203 spots and watching the convoy.
2. SOUTH-EAST HILL 76% Rush South-East hill by going straight over the top of DPeak and down the front side. If you maneuver correctly, you will not get hurt at all from the fall. Rush to the hill (while bewaring of snipers and enemy 203s on the assault cliff ledge) and pull out a nade as you approach the top. Pull it out and start cooking it 1 second before the other side is visible. There is a good chance you made it here before enemies, and now you can toss nades onto their heads while they scream in terror. Throw more nades and shoot enemies, but make sure not to get sniped or 203'd by anyone in the back trees or near Assault Spawn. After the hill is clear by sharpshooting or whatnot, you can either return to GENERAL DEFENSE, or SPAWN FLANK.
3. UPPER RIDGE RUSH 55% If you choose a slot that spawns on the ridge, rush up as fast as you can and get prone behind the first trees. Barely stick your head out the bottom side of the tree, so that the main portion of the North Cliff is visible. DO NOT, DO NOT stick your head out to the view of angry 203ers waiting at the North-East Cliff bump. Shoot any enemies who come into view, hoping not to get 203d. After it's clear, you can rush the ledge if appropriate, and begin a SPAWN FLANK or return to the convoy as fast as possible.
4. SOUTH CENTRAL PEAK 68 % Rushing South Central Peak is dangerous. Very dangerous. If you want to, you can rush out on the road, shoot any enemies looking at Defense Peak, and then start a SPAWN FLANK. Or, you can camp on South Central Peak, wait for the West High Ledge to heat up, try to pick them off, and then return to GENERAL DEFENSE. Or, you can camp on South Central Peak, wait for the road rushers and upper ledge rushers to pass, sneak around towards the road to the North side of central peak, and the kill the unsuspecting Assaulters on the West Upper Ledge by sharpshooting.
5. VALLEY RUSH 79%You may rush valley if it deems worthy to your team strategy. This strategy works best if you rush on the left side of the valley, stop and hide while the South-East Assault rushers to pass, and then go into the Valley Cubby"tm" to either shoot enemies, or wait it out. When appropriate you can flank South-East hill and return to GENERAL DEFENSE, or you may attempt a SPAWN FLANK.
6. SPAWN FLANK 83% A spawn flank consists of you entering the Assault spawn. This would probably be by the valley mouth. If you reach this early in the match (About 7-8 minutes left.) you may wish to flank upper ledge, although it is ALMOST always better to flank Central Peak. Flanking central peak consists of you running down the road, screaming "DONT TK ME" to your teammates, and then sitting on central peak shooting all Assaulters from behind. This is the best strategy for defense if done properly.
7. CONVOY CAMP 75% Camp at an appropriate spot in the convoy. My best spot is in one of 2 special trees that allows for an excellent view of the objective, while also keeping you hidden completely.
M-16 All of the strategies apply to M-16.
203 The 203 should probably stay on GENERAL DEFENSE. Occasionally, you may wish to rush SOUTH-EAST HILL, and attempt a SPAWN FLANK.
M-24/M-82 Will probably want to preform GENERAL DEFENSE, or, they may wish to rush the lower ledge, and camp in the corner for an ultimate flank. Other alternatives include Central Peak (NorthWest side) or South Central Peak, or valley.
M249 SAW The SAW is exposed and loses the stealth element because of its tracer bullets. You would NOT want to do UPPER RIDGE RUSH, and you probably would NOT want to do VALLEY RUSH. GENERAL DEFENSE is appropriate, as is SOUTH-EAST HILL.

1. THE ROAD RUSH 40% This consists of you being a maniac, rushing the assault trail, dodging 203s and sniper shots left and right, reaching Central Peak quickly, perhaps killing any Defense players who were foolish enough to camp at the base or rush the upper ledge, then preforming CENTRAL PEAK GAME.
2. CENTRAL PEAK 85% When you reach central peak, you are in a standoff with the Defense team. Once on Central Peak, you must be wary of enemy snipers, sharpshooters, or 203ers facing your direction. Jump hop, and side-step by whatever means necessary to dodge bullets and don't peak out too far. If the coast seems clear, or you need to move out, rush down south central peak into the valley mouth, where you will most likely be protected by enemy fire. Enter LATE GAME.
3. ROAD CAMPEROO 88%If you are a sniper, you may hide in a special trees, but DO NOT, EVER IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, stick your head out of the front of the tree. This exposes you very easily. When you need to see Defense Peak, slide out barely from the SIDE OF THE TREE. This minimalizes exposure. Or, you may wish to snipe through holes in the tree.
3. A. ROAD SNEAK 80% If you are not a sniper, you may wish to RUSH THE ROAD, except not as a maniac. You can hide in a tree in front of the assault trail, stay hidden from all 203ers and snipers for several minutes (Perhaps until the timer goes to 8 or 7.) and then move out onto assault trail. But watch the road for any rushers while camping. Check Dpeak, and if you are lucky, there will be no Snipers or 203ers watching you. Then you can rush to Cpeak easily.
3. A. ASSAULT CLIFF CAMP 94% This strategy mainly applies to the 203 or sniper. Camp near assault cliff ledge, watching Defense Peak, the Valley, or the Road for any enemies. When timer ticks down you may go South-East for the LATE GAME or go towards CENTRAL PEAK for the LATE GAME.
4. SOUTH EAST ATTACK 60% Rush South-East hill either off the Assault Cliff or the valley Mouth. This attack splits up into two categories:
4. A. CAMP and HIDE (SE HILL) 75% Hide in a tree (preferably on the back side of valley) and wait for the entire defense team to pass through. You may either shoot them as they try to flank, or emerge stealthily and head for Defense peak. Transfer to LATE GAME.
4. B. KING OF THE HILL 50% Rush to the top of SE hill, using the left side (preferably), and avoid all nades at any cost. Use your gun at this moment, it is more efficient than your grenades. Wait for the enemies to come over and shoot them as best as you can. After the ensuing firefight, try to sharpshoot enemies on top of Defense Peak. Time ticks down, so transfer to LATE GAME.
5. VALLEY RUSH 77% Rush into the valley using trees as cover to avoid being seen from Defense Peak. This is your primary concern. If you are seen from above, your stealth element is exposed for the LATE GAME and you may be naded. Once you reach the cliffside, you are safe from DPEAK, and now you have to worry about the valley. If there are any enemies, take them out and proceed towards the West valley Mouth. Shoot any enemies on Central Peak and creep up into the valley mouth when appropriate. Enter LATE GAME.
6. UPPER LEDGE 84% When you go upper ledge you must be cautious of 3 things: South Central Peak Rushers, North-West Central Peak Campers, and Upper/Lower Ledge Rushers. After all enemies are taken care of, rush down to Dfork and enter LATE GAME.
You may use smoke on the convoy to create a distraction. Do not use smoke as cover for the objective, it will only draw attention that the objective is getting taken. Unless you're sure the only enemy watching it is a sniper or something.
1.A DPEAK TOP 80% Rush up DPEAK from the left side, careful of any 203 or sniper fire. After getting halfway up, check the Yeti Ledge, then continue up the side. Once at the top clear out dpeak from behind, and kill all enemies. Take the convoy once it's clear.
1.B CONVOY RUSH 80% Go right from the valley mouth and rush towards the convoy. You may use the hill below fallen tree as cover to sharpshoot enemies. Once in the convoy, you must carefully check the pit and the cars, and the surrounding trees for enemies. Take the convoy if necessary.
2.A. SNEAKY B 80% Sneakily rush the far valley towards B, and take it from behind the door while no-one is looking. This is an excellent strategy if you are far outnumbered.
2.B DPEAK BEHIND 77% Rush the far valley, but go up on DPEAK From behind and kill enemies. Take convoy, etc.
2.C DPEAK FRONT 84% Instead, go up the front and repeat enemy killings.
3.A. Go to Central Peak and Commence Valley Mouth.
3.B. Rush Down and preform the CONVOY RUSH.

Apply GENERAL DEFENSE 95% , or if necessary, do a SPAWN FLANK any time possible. Check any of the areas for weakness that will allow an easy flank and rush them.
ASSAULT CLIFF CAMP 94% will almost always be your best bet. If you have sniper, you may want to be a ROAD CAMPEROO.

Take cover from 203s, snipers, and keep the high ground. Do not peak out of a tree - Slide out of a tree while using the road as a dark camoflauge. Hiding is your friend - There are many trees to help you. Always check the fog - You can always spot enemies who think they are invisible. Never peak out more than you need to - Snipe their heads while only exposing the hair of your head. Use burst on M-16... maybe.

Thanks for reading.

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