Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Twilight Princess - Revisited

Complaining about:
All right, I'm going to compare this game to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. First of all, Twilight Princess is easy. Second of all, the side-quests have no point.
Okay, about the difficulty: I really never had to use any HEALTH POTIONS anywhere... at all. Every dungeon was fairly easy, and I usually nailed the boss on the first try. The only difficult section in the game was the Cave of Ordeals. When I went through this (optional) section, it was the hardest thing in the game, probably 2x or 3x harder than the final boss fight. And it was FUN. Because I almost died, and I had to carefully decide when to use my arrows, bombs, Ball on a chain, and my assortment of moves. No other place in the game did I even have to worry about that stuff, because I just do the basic slash and spin, and I got through everthing.
Regarding Side-quests having no point:
Think about it this way. What's the point of doing the side-quests? Getting rupees (except those side-quests where you upgrade your items, those are good, yet they take 2 minutes and are easy). What are rupees good for? Well, the only thing is magic armor and buying potions really, both of which you DO NOT NEED because this game is too easy. So you can basically skip the side-quests. Done.
Now to get to Link to the Past. That game (as far as my memory goes) was awesome, and had tons of optional things to do. Among these include a magic cape, 3 special coins of awesome power, upgrading your magic ability, upgrading your hearts?, upgrading your sword to awesome, and some other things I can't remember. The point is: these side-quests actually did have an effect on the gameplay, which was ultra-hard. You needed the help from BOMBOS magic, you needed to upgrade your sword, because the game pushes you to your limits.
Now I'm going to compare Zelda stories to every season of 24. Both have their own formula stories that require certain things to happen in a certain sequence, all ending a certain way. Becaues of this formula, once you identify it, it kills the story.
Goodbye Zelda, and your Introductory Gameplay up to dungeon 1, then travel and go to 3 other dungeons, then the final 5 dungeons, then fight Ganon... with side-quests in between.

The best things about Twilight Princess:
Riding around Hyrule kingdom at night, with the eerie music playing in the background.
Riding around and attack enemy boars.
The amazing lighting and graphical feel of the game.
The awesome, epic, adrenaline-filled boss fights.
Trying to complete a side-quest and finally doing it.
Finding secret areas.
Being Link.

The worst things about Twilight Princess:
No use for rupees.
No originality.
Difficulty is too easy.
Side-quests are pointless.

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