Tuesday, March 28, 2006


1) Tables only exist in the interrogation room for Jack Bauer to hurl them so he can scare his victim(s).
2) Jack Bauer cannot die. He is invincible. Or when he does die, it is the final season of 24. This kills about 50% of the supense in the show since you know he can never die.
3) Characters from the previous seasons cannot be moles. It is impossible. This eliminates 40% of the twists in the show.
4) New characters who join the cast have a 33% chance of being a mole. Usually you can tell who it is.
5) Jack Bauer never needs assault rifles/machine guns/grenades/heavy weaponry. He can kill all his targets with a single pistol and unlimited ammo.
6) That's all I can think of. There should be much more though.

There are lots of old ones and such about the "24 hours time scheme" but those have already been said hundreds of times. E.g. eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom. Yeah, so I'm not gonna talk about those 'cause they're not worth repeating... at all.

Prisonbreak... I don't know if it's better than 24, but it sure is different. So, that difference does give a breath of fresh air after watching 24 for 5 straight seasons.

Lost > 24 and Prisonbreak

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At 3/28/2006 9:58 PM, Blogger ifedajay said...

yea, i'm glad you feel that way about LOST!

Ok, totally agree about everything you said JBurger. Yeah, unfortunately, everybody isn't a mole...especially the people who are perfect mole candidates...who are always good and stuff. But then they did kill the Hobbit guy.. that was unexpected...but you can't have him around long or people will grow attached to him and then want him to stay on the show...

Seriously, they have got to kill Jack one of these days...but then the show will be over...but they better do it before the show becomes horrible and they do episodes of summarizing other episodes...j/k!

But you know what they should do??! They should move from using CTu to using some place in like London or New York or somehwere other than L.A...but then people in L.A. would be like..."now I can't see the 405 on 24!"


At 4/07/2006 4:32 PM, Blogger endeavor said...

I especially concur on 24ism number one. Jack must throw tables around rooms to reinforce his tuffness. If he only shouted and screamed, it wouldn't be that effective.

You gotta include the old 24isms!! It's better to make a huge list. Compile the one and only complete list of 24isms!


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