Saturday, November 26, 2005

Call of Duty 2

I beat it. Today-Earlier.

Is it good? It's like Call of Duty 1. (Figures...)

The Good of the Game -
1) Intense combat. Battles can be exhilirating and awesome.
2) D-Day, Tank Driving, Shooting from the top of a Silo Tower, Rushing up to tanks and planting bombs on them, going through pipes in Russia as a sneaky agent man, are all... awesome. I loved these sequences in the game. They reminded me of other awesome sequences in the first game (such as car chases, P.O.W. camp raids and the like).
3) Combat situations varied between the 3 different campaigns. Different mission styles were interesting and cool.

The Bad -
1) Mindless, boring, repetitive combat. Especially on the British Campaign. The majority of the British campaign goes something like this...
1. Go enter the town.
2. Clear out every building by going inside, then to the 2nd floor, killing all enemies you see.
3. Go outside into the street and shoot enemies for X minutes and then repeat steps 2-3 until whole town is clear.
Yeah... and repeat steps 2-3 about 20 times each level. ....boring.
2) Kind of short... but gameplay was getting repetitive so I can't say it's a bad thing... well... it was kind of bad.

The Ugly (Neutral) -
1) New Health System - I'm still undecided whether this is good or bad. The good of it? I would say the pace picks up faster and you spend less time dying constantly with 1 health until you reach the next health pack. The bad of it? I felt like I was invicible in many situations. e.g. ---
Rush enemy!! I'm invicible!! Kill! Kill! Grenade blast! oh no im red. Hide for 2 seconds behind the crate over there... yes! I'm invicible again1!!! RUsh!! Kill kill!
Yeah... so it's good and bad I guess.
2) No Saving Function - (The only saving is done by the computer, and it is sufficient.) I actually think this is a very good thing, but for some reason i put it in the neutral section. I like having NOT to save and having the computer save when necessary. Then, when I die I know I'm not super far back. But... on the bad side, sometimes the computer would place me very far back and I would have to repeat a section of the game over and over until I kill all those guys in that one building, Then, and only then, would the computer save my game again.

I actually enjoyed the short sequences when me and my comrades WERE NOT fighting. I was like "Ahhh.... a relaxing break from killing the german clone army..." But then five seconds later I would engage in a firefight that would lead up to battle after battle until the level was over.

Oh, and I wish there was more to the gameplay. Most of the gameplay was just Shoot-Frag-Hide-Sneak-Repeat. There was also the occasional plant bombs on this and that but that wasn't really interactive that much.

Maybe if there was more to the gameplay such as driving cars (Yeah I know, there are tanks AND I ENJOYED THAT PART ALOT), or maybe opening doors, or maybe pushing up ladders (it sucks that only your teammates can do those). At least in Half-Life you could push boxes, use buttons and stuff, and um...

But... but, the sequences that did have different kinds of gameplay (Climbing up ropes, Driving Tanks, Planting bombs?) were all extremely...

awesome. I loved them. It was fun and different than just firing bullets at the enemies.

Oh and the level design. I loved the levels that were different than the others (Pipeline, Hill 400?). Those levels were interesting and different and a great break from the random TOWN In EUROPE or AFRICA. You did different things than just invade buildings, you ran up awesomly designed outdoor enviroments or cool other areas (walkin thru a pipe).

I don't know... I'm just randomizing.

Final Question: Is it a good game?

Yes, it is. Sometimes boring and repetitive though, but the highly atomspheric action sequences throughout the game make up for it I think. So yes, it is a good game. Period.



At 11/27/2005 6:42 PM, Blogger ifedajay said...

Yeah, so, somebody (and you all??? know who) asked me to comment. So, I thought that the post was given much thought, or MAYBE somebody is playing games too much (j/k not notnotnotnotnotn??????)

Anyways...I think that this post would be a very good comment for the maker's of the game.


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