Friday, November 11, 2005


You've probably heard of the tv show called LOST, and since you have, i won't explain it.
But through my adventures through the internet, I have come across quite a few different opinions on the show. Many of them good, many of them bad. But I would say there's more of the latter.

The main bulk of complaints about the show usually lies on one thing; it's that the show doesn't reveal anything and it drags on and on just creating more questions.
However, the main stash of compliments comes from the great writing, characters, and twists and stuff.

My point: Everyone* on the internet either totally all out loves this show, or all out loathes it. They either rave that it's the most creative, interesting, and cool show on television, or they say that it drags on too much and just plain sucks without giving you any information.

Random thought #01: Another point: Lost is undoubtely a show with many twists (WARNING SPOILERS!). E.G. the last episode, where one of the main characters gets shot and you think it is the OTHERS who shot her, but find out that it's the other group on the island who shot her.

This twist and many others (especially regarding certain hatches), do catch me off guard (maybe im not trying hard enough?) and i find them well written. I say this because I am about to compare it to 24, the official show of suspense.

24 used to have me on the edge of my seat for a looong time, all throughout the first 2 seasons. I however found Season 3 Waaay worse (but there were still some good moments), but Season 4 an improvement (but not as good as the first 2).

The main premise of 24 is, essentially, the supsense factor, or the "plot twists." But many of the plot twists they pull out now are boring, expected, and not surprising. They even seem to recycle plot elements over and over. (No evidence to support this last fact really...)

However, I would say that LOST has much better twists than 24 (currently anyway...). The twists just seem more... twisting than 24. But either way, I'm still gonna watch both shows in the future (lost: season 2, 24: Season 5 [COMING SOON]).


My opinion on LOST>?

I enjoy it. After every episode ends, you want to know what happens next (wait, this is a good thing right?), just like all those old ep. of 24. blah blah blah.

Yes i like lost, despite how many people hate it.


* someone will get mad I represented the entire internet by giving them two opinions on lost.

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At 11/12/2005 11:32 AM, Blogger endeavor said...

LOST reminds me of Lord of the Flies. People are on an island, and some of them lose their minds, becoming "others".


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