Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Counter-Strike Source

CS:S - A review

Why Counter-Strike Source is a good game:
1) Faster paced games. If you die early in CS:S the game will restart in less than 3 min, usually about 1 min. This makes for much more playing time than AA where when you die sometimes you have to wait as long as 9 minutes. Also this will allow you to learn the map easier and develop new strategies without having to wait if they fail.
2) Integrated Voice Comms. Counter-Strike Source has integrated microphone communication support which makes for faster communication, better teamwork, and some other stuff. But if you don't like it, you can always turn it off.
3) Crazy maps - These include all sorts of weird custom maps. You can play all sorts of weird maps in CS:S which makes for lots of new adventures in the FPS world. These maps can include a 20 story staircase where one team starts at the top and bottom, a map where both teams are the size of rats in a kitchen, or a duel-it-out in the wild west. All these crazy maps are just different and totally fun (well, some of them anyway).
4) Different gameplay modes are interesing (at first). In CS:S, planting a bomb at a bombsite, or playing as a CT running to defuse it, it just gives an adrenaline rush that is awesome the first few times you do it.
5) All the different guns and options in the buy menu create tons of different strategies and fun. Sometimes the shotgun will do the job, sometimes the m4; all the different options are just fun.

Why CS:S is a bad game:
1) The hitboxes in CS:S are totally wacked - I've fired and shot behind people's feet and gotten headshots... totally weirded out.

2) The gun physics in CS:S are totally messed up. In CS:S your gun is ridiculously accurate in single shot at longe ranges (100 feet), but ridiculously inaccurate after the first two shots. For example:

Imagine this: You're in a firefight with an enemey ten feet in front of you. Hold down the trigger and aim steady for 5 seconds = instant kill right? Wrong. If you hold down your trigger for about 2 seconds, and continue to hold down, you'll continously miss the enemy in front of you (who is only 10 feet away which is absolutely ridiculous), then he fires one shot at you and kills you after you've been spraying your gun at him for ten seconds. In almost any other game you would've killed him there.

3) 80% of the map design in CS:S just plain... sucks. (Note: I play most of the maps 20 vs 20). In most maps there is only between 2 and 4 main ways to go, and at each end there are a bunch of campers waiting to get cheap kills. Hardly any strategy here... no flanking, no thinking, no nothing. Just about the only strategies on most maps are "EVERYBODY RUSH THIS WAY!" and then the next round "EVERYBODY RUSH THAT WAY INSTEAD!"

There's also hardly any hiding spaces on most maps. Most of the rooms are empty and barren with maybe a box or two. These maps just promote rushing and gunning with nowhere to hide (something that I consider bad). They should have way more objects like desks, chairs, boxes, and stuff that will cover you in a firefight, and THAT WONT EXPLODE IN YOUR FACE WHEN U SHOOT THEM.

And that covers about 90% of the strategies on the majority of CS:S maps. I know there are some maps in CS:S that are very well designed... but the majority of the maps are ... bad.

4) The general realism as a whole is just... mediocre at best. Everything is kind of unrealistic; the pyschics, the guns, the movement, the characters. Compared to some other games *cough*cough* its unrealistic.

CS:S : A fast pased, crazy fun, unrealstic, terrible game, that is fun and addictive.


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