Friday, December 16, 2005

Future Worlds

Note: I think this a list of cliches... but I'm not sure.

In many science fiction stories, the story takes place on Earth in the near future from now, whether that be 2050, 2100, or 2500.

In most of these stories the future usually looks like one of the following.

1) The future is a perfect utopia where everyone dresses in jump-suits, uses flying cars, owns a robot dog, has a perfect life, and everything is super pleasant. Think: The Jetsons.

2) The future is a dark and gritty world where pollution covers the skies and sksyscrapers fill the skyline of tall dark cities. Think: Blade Runner.

3) The future is a totally different utopia where society disregards the past and tries to live in a perfect way. Think: The Giver.

4) The future is an advanced form of todays' world with technological improvements such as spaceships, but society still works the same. Think: Cowboy Bebop or Minority Report.

5) The future is a wasteland torn apart by war and destruction. Almost the whole Earth has been scorched from fighting. Think: Terminator.

6) The world continues until humanity has been wiped out. Think: Planet of the Apes.

Most of the stories in the future invlove either the overthrowing of the corrupt government, destroying rebelling robots, or some other deep interactive element unique to that world (Such as chasing robot clones [Blade Runner] or preventing future murders [Minority Report]).

That's all I can think of right now. Bye.


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