Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Freelancer is an old game because it is definetely not new. The base premise/gameplay is fun, but it gets repititive a little, annoying sometimes, and not to mention, time-consuming.

First of all--What's with the hours and hours of time just spent staring into your screen, waiting for your ship to go 15k distance at only 300 speed? WHY didn't they make upgrades to your cruiser/thruster that allows you to go faster? They should've made cruisers go at LEAST 600 after upgrades, and thrusters should've went like, 300 or something. And seriously, make more jumpholes that actually go to convient places, instead of the next star system that already has a trade lane to it. Cuz it takes FOREVER to travel across the tiny, tiny, SERIOUS (sirius) system.

The gameplay is fun, but I think they could've added a little more to it. Shooting bad guys gets seriously tiring sometimes after you do it for so long. Missiles aren't always effective and I still dont understand mines. :-X

One cool thing that I love doing is finding abandoned ships and shooting them for loot. Why? Cause it's like a treasure chest! I love treasure chests! In all those old games you never knew what kind of good/bad-item/money you were gonna get from that particular treasure chest. So each time I approach an old ship, I shoot it and love to get free junk.

In single-player, there were alot of cutscenes. They weren't particularly annoying, but there were just ALOT of them.

The story was kinda-um. Boring.

Dialogue--Some of it was okay, but tons of it was just eww. All the dialogues with the random NPCs in bars were just atrocious... really... bad. So, everybody loves to make fun of them.

But Freelancer can be really fun sometimes, like when you're hauling a ridiculous amount of cargo, to sell it at 1,000% profit. AAHAHA, it's true. So then after you finally trekked to your destination, (after 30 minutes of traveling) you get to cash in on your hard work. It's like, ZaZing! +350,000 dollars in your bank account! Fun.

Maybe some kind of other side-quests ( like Zelda style, where you have other things to do like kill spiders, collect heart pieces, or get extra items [all of which are optional]), would help the galaxy be more interesting. Because as it is, all you do is kinda hop around from planet to planet, upgrading your ship and trying to get more money.

But congratulations to them for designing a stable galaxy with economies, political strife, opposing factions, and all sorts of weird stuff.

The intro movie was very generic and I think I heard it somewhere before. I just had to add that. Oh, and I don't think it had anything to do with the game's story. Maybe they could've just started you in space and YOU have to wonder why all the humans are here instead of Earth... maybe that would've been more interesting.

Freelancer: 8.1/10. Only play it if you want to.



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