Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Ranks of Gaming

#1 - "n00b"
This player just played the game for the first time and really has no idea what to do. Many of the more experienced players may mock him or criticize him for doing foolish things, and in turn, the "n00b" may leave the game. In other cases, he will continue to play and improve to the second level rank. Most players either never move past this stage, or move past it within a month.
Constitutes 8% of the population.

# 2 - ("n00b") In Training
Now begins the long hard journey of discovering the game's mechanics, how it works, and how to play it. There is no easy road to doing this. Each game functions differently, and has different ways to play it. The player-in-training must learn all the basic tasks of the game in this stage. This player may occasionally do something laudable in the game, but for the most part, he will only get in the way and be a nuisance. This stage usually lasts between one and six months.
Constitutes 17% of the population.

# 3 - Soldier (Classes 1-3)
By this time, the player will have played the game enough to understand all the basic mechanics and the most-played maps. There will be worse players than him, and better players, but he still has much to learn. Most players will venture past this stage in their training, but unfortunately, some players never learn to adapt thus making them stay at this level of skill. Reaching this stage from a n00b may require 3-10 months.
This player can be depended on only some of the time in a game.
Constitutes 41% of the population.

# 4 - Veteran
This player usually has played the game for at least a year to get to his current skill level. He will usually be in the better half of the players on the server, and will occasionally rise to get the best score. He can be depended on 80% of the time to get the job done. He is a good boost to your team.
Constitutes 25% of the population.

# 5 - "pr0"
This player has learned virtually 95+% of all the skills and tactics in the game. He knows nearly all the best strategies and every corner of every map. He can usually adapt to new maps 5x faster than everyone else. This player is almost always in the top 3 players on whatever team he joins. This player usually has between 1-5 years of experience in the game.
Constitues 9% of the population.

If you play enough games, you can usually skip the n00b stage and go straight the training stage. Some skills and tactics are universal, no matter what game you're playing.

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