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How to Make Your Own Zelda Game

I know I've already talked about this before, but I have to finish it.

Stage 1: Tutorial
Stage 2: World
Stage 3: Dungeons
Stage 4: Progression
Stage 5: Plot-Reversal
Stage 6: End-Game

In this introductory stage, the game will introduce the player to all the basic concepts of that Zelda game. This stage will start the player off with no weapons, let him explore and find his first weapons in a confined area, and then he will prepare to enter the first dungeon.
In the first dungeon, the player is introduced to what they are about to get into for the next 30 hours. After the player beats the dungeon, the rest of the world will open up to them, thus entering stage 2.


The Zelda world is simple. The gameplay goes as follows:

Show various OPTIONAL problems in the world upon the player first entering that area. This sets up a road block for the player which he cannot solve until he gains later items. The player will keep these problems in their mind and scream with joy when they find the item that will solve that problem. Solving the problem will reward the player with a secret item, help with a side-quest, money, or another useful item. E.g. A giant rock is covering a cave which the player cannot destroy. The player finds bombs later in the game and uses them to blow up the rock. Inside the cave, there is a chest filled with money. Happiness ensues.

Money can be used in towns to buy items. Items may include upgrades to existing accessories, potions, ammo, or other rare antiquities. Money may also be used in specific side-quests.

Pieces of Heart are scattered throughout the world - collecting several gives the player more life energy, making the game easier.
Collecting money is always useful for the player, but only if there is something valuable to buy or use it for.
All items are upgradable. This includes increasing the capacity for money in your wallet, and ammo for bombs, arrows, etc. Your shield and sword are also upgradable, but they may be forced to upgrade in the MAIN QUEST.


These sidequests have ranged from killing Poes, collecting golden bugs, trading masks, helping people out, or anything else. The reward for these side-quests may be unique, or may be just money.


Along with the side-quests are mini-games, which are small games in the world which reward you with money or another prize. Mini-Games have ranged from horseback-riding, fishing, digging, archery, etc.

The MAIN QUEST of the game is to progress through the dungeons and reach the end, where the story will come to a close. Dungeons go something like this:
Each dungeon has a specific theme, like WATER, DESERT, FIRE, JUNGLE.

To progress through each dungeon, you will have to solve puzzles, destroy mini-bosses, fight off enemies, and use keys on doors, until you get to the SPECIAL ITEM in each dungeon. This special item will usually help you to get the master key which opens the final door in each dungeon. There, you will fight the BOSS, gain a new heart container, and get a little more of the story.

Each dungeon will reward you with new items/weapons, and may open up new side-quests in between travels. The standard weapon list for Zelda is as follows, but each game usually adds its own specific item:
Sword - Wooden Sword, Metal Sword, Master Sword
Shield - Wooden Shield, Metal Shield, Mirror Shield
Bombs - Upgradable - Different Types
Bow+Arrow - Upgradable - Different Types

Horse - May be a side-quest or part of the main quest

The player will repeat the side-quests, solve world problems, and move through the first 1/3 of the dungeons.

STAGE 5: Plot-Reversal
The player will reach the end of the first series of dungeons and reach his first goal (such as collecting three broken watches) where a sudden plot twist is revealed, detailing what you will be doing for the last half of the game (such as collecting 5 broken mirrors). After this, new areas open up to the player and he searches for the last dungeons.


By this time, the player will have traversed throughout the whole world and solved all the dungeons. The story will have progressed in-between dungeons and the player will realize what the end is coming down to.

The player will enter the last dungeon and make use of every item/technique/skill that he has learned so far. The player will fight several mini-bosses, and then fight from 3-5 incarnations of the final boss. After that, the game will end.


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