Thursday, March 01, 2007

LOST - 2 Types of Episodes

There are two types of episodes in LOST: the ones that developed character and have the characters exploring, and the ones that develop the plot and progress it.
The last episode was about 9/10 character, and 1/10 plot.
Was it a good episode? Yes...
Did anything happen? No...

When LOST first premiered I was not that excited about a Survivor (fiction) show, mixed with Gilligan's Island and Cast Away. I think I watched five minutes of the first episode and the whole second episode. The show was OKAY but I wasn't too interested. Polar bears, repeating radio signals in the jungle for 15 years, french ladies running around the island, one of the passengers is really a convict... Yeah.

I saw probably about 3-5 whole episodes and then I saw the season finale which was awesome. The one real thing that got me hooked onto the show was the plot. The characters are good yes, but they are not the reason I watch the show. I was struck by curiosity about this weird hatch on a jungle island, repeating radio messages for 15 years, polar bears, a group of "others" and all sortsa weird stuff.

It is nice to see the characters interacting with each other and exploring the island, but it would be even better if it was relevant to the master plot.

Side-Note: I wish ABC would just STOP TALKING about LOST and promising SHOCKING REVELATIONS or AMAZING TWISTS.
1: When you watch the episode, none of that stuff really happens, and
2: I would probably enjoy the episode more if the twist caught me off-guard (Michael in the hatch anyone? :-O ) and...
3: Lots of the AMAZING REVELATIONS they give us, were already inferred by 90% of the viewing audience, except they never said it OUT LOUD in the show. Then they finally say it out loud, and they expect us to think it's a twist or something.

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