Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Call of Duty 3 (Wii)

Time playing = 30 minutes - 1 hour.

First Impressions -
So, I loved Call of Duty 1.
I played Call of Duty 2 next, which was pretty awesome, but it felt like it was getting repetitive, and didn't add too much new stuff to the formula.
I played Call of Duty 1: United Offensive after that. It was boring.

I loaded up Call of Duty 3 (Wii version) and I did not expect much.

From the first hour of gameplay, it plays just like the other call of duties. It has a short tutorial, then throws you straight into an intense battle. And of course, every soldier has his little commentary about random stuff. (And seriously, that whole incident with the "Let's retreat dudes/I'm gonna shoot you soldier!/Hey Look, I found a hatch! was just dumb.)
Then you have to go into battle again.

The interface in this game is really, really clunky.
I don't see how a Nunchuck + Wii Remote makes this game any more interactive than a potential PC counterpart.
To shoot you have to hold B (The trigger underneath - Right index), which is sensible.
To use the SIGHTS you have to hold A (Top round button - Right thumb), which is understandable, but doesn't make any more sense than pressing Z on your keyboard.
To change stances you have to tap or hold down Z (Nunchuck - Left index/middle finger), which is okay in theory, but takes some getting used to.
Jumping requires the pressing of C (Nunchuck) with your left index finger, which again, is not any more innovative than using the Space Bar.
And then it gets really awkward by having you use "<--" to throw grenades and "2" to use binoculars.
Just to clarify: The top of the Wii Remote contains the 4 directional buttons on a "plus." The bottom contains the (1) and (2) buttons. Both sets of buttons require extra effort to get to, and are not accesible without looking down at your remote and/or letting go of B or A.

Pressing "<--" is not very fun at all. I'm gripping the WiiMote with my right hand, index finger on the B trigger, thumb on A, and the rest of my fingers underneath. My other fingers are NOWHERE near the 4-Directional cross, or (1) and (2). Just to press either of those requires me to stretch my thumb to an uncomfortable position, which also makes me lose my aim, which then makes me throw the grenade really high up instead of straight, thus effectively killing myself or my fellow soldier.

Using the Wiimote to aim is more realistic I guess then a mouse, but it's very shakey and hard to keep your shot steady. This is probably more life-like, but it is annoying when you're used to perfect aim for so long.
Finally, turning is a nuisance. If I try to get my character to turn a little bit, I aim the remote to the left a tad, and he doesn't turn at all. If I try to make him turn 90 degrees, I gleefully slide the remote to the edge of the screen and he makes a quick 180. So when I'm in a CQB situation, I'm lucky if I'm even facing the enemy.
If I played the game longer, I'm sure I'll get used to it.

I only played the first mission, and those are my current views. If I play the game longer, I'll probably get used to the controls setup, but for now, it seems really foreign to me, and uninnovative. And I don't even know if I want to play the game longer, because it contains essentially the same combat and gameplay that I've played through in the first 2 Call of Duties, which I thought was even getting repetitive. So for now, I don't want to play the 3rd one.

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