Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Last Word on 24

The last episode of 24 represents and showcases everything I hate about the show.

The episode firstly starts off with all this false drama and overly cheesy dialogue between the characters. And then they proceed to REDO a scenario they've already done once or twice in the previous seasons of a show (I'm not going to tell you what). And since you know Jack Bauer will never get stuck in an interrogation room for the last 3 episodes--without an action scene? NEVER!--you know that the chinese are going to attack CTU. And then you realize that this season cannot end well at all because of the way the story is going, so then the producers do these fake action scenes at CTU to "pump up the plot" even though nothing is really happening. But previously before that, two characters talked about their lives, and since you know the Chinese are about to invade in 10 minutes, one of those two characters must die. And what do you know? They cut off the music, have the character stand up, he dies, and then they cut to commercials.

No supense. No drama. No twists.

And then they redo another scene where they have the terrorist say "Come out or I will kill your loved one." That's about the sixteenth time they've done that in the history of 24. And it always has the same result.
Finally, they end the episode by saying Jack's dad was behind it, again.


24 is awful.

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