Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obi Wan (Digital Painting)

Digital Painting Attempt #02.
1 Layer + Background
No Tracing, No Color Swapping
No Photoshop Effects, No Transparency (100% opacity brushes)
No Manipulation of image (Brushes Only)
5-10 MIN: My main plan is to work from large forms and break them down smaller and smaller until I reach the final image. I want to start out with large brushes, and only several colors, no more. I attempt to start out with loose shapes to Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy (Thanks, Miss Frizzle)! I currently have three colors here: Skin, Robe, and Dark Robe.20 MIN: I realize that the round brush in Photoshop is not very good. I switch to a somewhat horizontal brush that closer resembles that of a paintbrush. I go down slightly smaller in brusher size and I use more colors, but I still keep the palette manageable.
30 MIN: Now some real forms start to appear and it looks like a human, but not Obi-Wan yet; continuing with smaller brushes and more colors. This is the first real stage where I start to refine the shape from my messy beginnings.60 MIN: I get pickier about the palette and try to nail the basic forms down to the wire. It starts to resemble Obi-Wan. I must get the likeness and impression down here, before I go down and refine it, or else I am a goner.
100 MIN: This is where I start the process of refinement to break down the larger forms into smaller forms. It starts to look like Obi-Wan a lot more. I still must resist the notion of going into details, however. I also must be careful in my smaller work process not to destroy the basic forms. 150 MIN: Further refinement leads to a crisper image. Since I have the basic forms down now, its just a matter of more refinement (last time I use this word, I promise), cleaning up, and alteration to fix any mistakes. This is where it can get tedious.190 MIN: I add in a background. I'm getting slightly bored after three hours.
300 MIN (Final Image): Five hours later I break my rule to add a lightsaber with a glow effect on a separate layer (it wasn't worth it to paint the glow). That didn't feel like five hours. Luckily I am not a perfectionist anymore, or else I would be here for at least two more hours. I think I did alright for my second ever digital painting, but this is more like my first digital painting since my self-portrait doesn't really count. That was more like a digital mish-mash experiment.
The End!

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At 12/10/2008 7:40 PM, Blogger ifedajay said...

wow! that's amazing!
i didn't know you were that good :)

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