Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Full Metal Alchemisms

For Episodes 1-40
1. If Ed has a goal to get to "City X," he will get side-tracked for about four episodes fighting newly introduced bad guys while subtly introducing vague plot elements.
2. If another character starts talking about the past for one second, prepare to be thrown into a flashback for about 2-8 minutes.
3. Most, if not all flashbacks are set in a heavy down pour of rain.
4. Ed basically has two moods: Vengefully Angry (75%), or light-heartedly comical (15%), and trace amounts of ten other moods.
5. Before explaining the previous villains, more villains are introduced without any background.
6. Characters will shout out the names of others as they enter the room like they never expected them to appear within 95 light years of their current location.
Alfonso: Winrey!
Ed: Teacher!
Alfonso: Brother!
Ed: Colonel!
Colonel: Furher!
Winrey: Ed!
And that constitutes about 20% of the dialog in an episode.
7. When the strong arm alchemist appears, there is a 33% chance that he will preform a feat handed down through his bloodline.
8. When Colonel Happy Father appears, there is a 45% chance that he will show a picture of his daughter to someone.
9. There is 42% chance of there being at least one, "ED IS SHORT LOL" joke in an episode.

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