Thursday, January 10, 2008

Logan's Run (1976)

The more I watch SCI-FI, the more I see the same plot-lines and elements repeating themselves. No, I'm not bashing any specific movie here or accusing them of copyright-infringement--I just thought it's interesting to see how these same plot elements continually resurface in the SCI-FI genre, either by accident, or because it's just an integral part of the genre.

Other Works that have something in common with Logan's Run
Minority Report - Both have the main character do a job, then become the victim of his old job, and then try to run away from it.
Blade Runner - Both main characters are contracted to kill special beings.
The Giver - Both main characters live in a perfect world that has a dirty secret.
Portal - You're in a dome, and you must escape by going through the unseen sections of machinery and junk.
1984 - Living in a world with no escape, you hear of a rebel organization on the outside and must escape.
Planet of the Apes - Dystopian future that uses famous landmarks to showcase time's effect on the world.
Aeon Flux - The whole world is trapped in a dome and people become "renewed."
Minority Report and 1984 again - Right before the end the main character seems to be on the losing end, and miraculously gets out of the jam (or in 1984's case... *SPOILERS! NOO!*)
Brave New World - Babies in bottles, absence of marriage, something else I can't remember.

There's probably more, but that's ALOT of stuff in common with only one movie, Logan's Run. As for the movie itself, it was okay, I liked it, but everything it did has been done better in other movies, books, and video games... namely the ones above. And I was thinking, if this movie was remade, it would probably be better, and then I was like, "Woah!"

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