Saturday, September 22, 2007

Team Fortress 2 BETA

- The spy class is amazingly fun. It's exactly how I dreamed of playing the perfect spy in an online game.
- Each class has it's own strengths and play styles, and it's consistenly fun to play each.
- The achievement points, stats, and personal goals are a great addition to the gameplay. They make you want to play the other classes and be the best you can be. It would be nice however if it better detailed how much and what you needed to reach each individual achievement.
- The simplicity of the interface and having each classes skills limited to the same keys (1-4 keys and mouse) make learning new classes easy. I hate all those other games that have specific keys that you have to learn when you try out new classes or guns. Everything in TF2 runs on the same keys, no matter what class you use.
- 2 Classes seem less useful: Pyro and the Demo-man. Pyro just seems like a worse version of Heavy weapons, except the Pyro is only effective within 10 feet. And Demo-man can only set up bombs, which the engineer can also kind of do in a better way (with turrets), or the pyro can shoot grenades, which the soldier seems better at by shooting rockets. I've yet to find any overwhelming strengths that make me want to use these characters, but they aren't that bad.
EDIT: I've found the Demo-man useful, but pyro is still sucky.
- The rocket jump for the soldier seems mostly useless (it's too small!), and the health loss for using it is too great to warrant the vertical gain.
- More gameplay modes than just CTF (Capture the Flag) and CP (Control Point) would be nice. It seems like you could develop all sorts of strategies with these classes for other game modes, like Bomb Defusal, Hostages, VIPs, etc.
- It seems like this game MUST be played with lots of teamwork and communication. Playing in silence is no fun at all.

Overall, it's great fun and a refreshing change from normal shooters that have only one gameplay mode.

Team Fortress 2 (BETA)

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