Thursday, July 02, 2009

Army of Shadows in 5 Sentences

Note: This is about the film, not the French Resistance.

A quiet-mannered man in his mid 40s--who in fact happens to be the chief of the French resistance--is taken to a German prison camp and eventually escapes.

He goes back to his resistance's headquarters and executes one of his own men (a traitor, of course).

He, along with his other resistance members, continue to frolic about recruiting other people, get help from the British, and live in fear--all through long, painful extended shots exhibiting mundane and everyday behavior, most notably long, drawn-out sequences of walking or performances of ordinary tasks such as putting on a coat in the slowest way possible.

Eventually, they get captured several times, escape several more times, and then kill their own members several more times.

By the end of the film, they accomplished nothing, got arrested a lot, endangered the lives of everyone around them, killed their own members, and then all died shortly after.


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