Monday, January 18, 2010

Boryokudan Rue: 2010 IGF Student Finalist

For the past two-ish years, I have been working on a game. This game is called Boryokudan Rue. For some reason I haven't been posting much about it; however, in November of 2009 I entered it into a little contest called the "Independent Games Festival" as a student entry. Today, I found out it has just been nominated as a student finalist in the 2010 Independent Games Festival.

This is the game. Boryokudan Rue.
This was a very, very, awesome surprise. Thanks to everybody who helped support this game, whether it be through a simple play-test, or a word of encouragement. Without you, Boryokudan Rue would not be where it is today, so thank you, one and all.

Hopefully, I will be going to the Game Developers Conference in March for the Independent Games Festival, where the final winners will be announced. Until then, I will keep you posted! Thank you, and good night!

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At 1/18/2010 9:07 PM, Blogger Ben304 said...

It's awesome to see you get recognition for the game, and you totally deserve it!

Good luck with the finals - I truly hope you make it.

At 1/18/2010 9:13 PM, Blogger ifedajay said...

yayyy!! :) good luck!

At 1/22/2010 12:13 PM, Blogger Paul said...

Hi J Burger,

Myself and the other writers at like your blog - and we are very excited to see Boryokudan Rue.

Andrew Hlavats (one of our writers) and myself are interested in featuring a review of the game. In exchange we can post a front-page link to your blog or game site for the week of your release.

If you are able to send us a pre-release version and are interested, let me know. Shoot me an email at

Keep up the good work,


At 1/22/2010 12:21 PM, Blogger Torley said...

Heard about you and your artistry via Boing Boing! Excited to play your game...

At 1/23/2010 12:05 PM, Blogger TheJBurger said...

@Ben - Thanks, the testing you did made a world of difference.

@Paul - Sent you an e-mail, thanks.

@Torley - Thanks for visiting! I hope to have more information up soon.

At 2/01/2010 10:07 PM, Blogger #6 said...

"pretence" of as student entry? explain?

At 2/02/2010 12:26 AM, Blogger TheJBurger said...

Oops. Bad word choice.

It's a student entry, that's all.

At 2/02/2010 8:53 PM, Blogger TheJBurger said...

And Student Entry == Student Game.


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